quote-characterOur current economic system values the work and contribution of some people to society more than the work and contribution of other people. But the Cowry Collective values all skills and abilities equally and everyone’s contribution matters even from the smallest hands.

– James, Cowry Collective member

quote-characterThe Cowry Collective has been a space for me to learn and grow and build long lasting connections. It’s a project that values each person’s gifts and passions equally, and I like that I get to connect with people through doing the things that I love.

– Mary, Cowry Collective member

Time Banking Gardening

quote-characterMy economic elasticity has grown since I’ve been exposed to the abundance of skills and resources that we have to offer to each other. I appreciate being part of this community and the exchanges that this platform affords us.

– Eileen, Cowry Collective member

quote-characterI truly believe in timebanking as a way to spur my own growth as I learn to ask for and receive help and live out my own teachings of cultivating a culture of interdependence. We collectively hold the resources we need. This understanding guided our ancestors and guides me daily.

– Chinyere, founder of the Cowry Collective

quote-characterTimebanking has given me a healthier frame for thinking of value. Through timebanking, I am able to do the things I actually love to do, and see that those things are valuable to people in my community. I see that having a collective member cook me meals or help me with a project for cowry feels a lot better than heading to Qdoba or trying to do it alone. The community built through exchanges is something even billionaires can’t get with US dollars.

– Tara, Cowry Collective member

quote-characterFor me, timebanking is about putting my values into practice in my everyday life. It’s a way to challenge myself to be living the way that I want to live: to use less money, to meet new people. In the past two years, I’ve used timebanking to get catering for events, teach piano and Mandarin lessons, help people out in their gardens, receive home-cooked meals, and even get haircuts.

– Julia, Cowry Collective member