Timebanking 101

Maybe you’ve heard of timebanking recently or maybe you never have and are curious about what it is and how it works.  Through our Timebanking 101 workshop, you will learn more about this alternative economic movement and why it is such a transformative and inspirational tool that countless of communities have adopted to build trust,  economic resilience and improve quality of life. Visit our calendar for our monthly 101 dates.

In Timebanking 101, we will:

  • demonstrate how making exchanges link members in a cycle of reciprocity
  • review basic timebanking and alternative currency vocabulary and concepts
  • place the history of timebanking in St. Louis within the greater context of timebanking in the world
  • share successful models of timebanks
  • design a method of implementation best suited to your group

Timebanking 101 is the perfect workshop for neighborhood organizations, faith-based communities, volunteer coordinators, cultural workers, creatives and more!  Our workshop can be tailored to meet  the needs of your group and can serve as a rewarding bonding and building experience.  Contact us to find out how to infuse more joy and ease into the work you already do with timebanking.

Speaking engagements, interviews and workshops:

Founder, Chinyere E. Oteh has over five years experience in applying the theories of alternative currency to the everyday practice of community building through timebanking.  Want to have Chinyere speak and/or give a workshop at your event or provide consultation to your growing timebank?

Contact us at to learn more.