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Who We Are

We are a unique timebank whose name reflects the ancient practice of exchanging with currency that predates our current use of paper dollars and metal coins. Cowry shells were used as currency for centuries across the world throughout Africa and in China and continue to be used ceremonially among indigenous peoples of North America.

Time Bank Information
Cowry Collective Alternative Currency

What We Do

What is timebanking? you might ask. Watch and Learn.

We offer Timebanking 101 classes where  you will learn about the history of early trade of barter, the history of timebanking in St. Louis where the first timebank was established in 1981 and the history of the Cowry Collective – the only active timebank in St. Louis!

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Why It Matters

“The Cowry Collective has been a space for me to learn and grow and build long lasting connections. It’s a project that values each person’s gifts and passions equally, and I like that I get to connect with people through doing the things that I love.”– Mary, Cowry Collective member

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